How to upload AV contents to DMCDS

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The Digital Media Content Distribution System (DMCDS) is a specific system, and the exact process for uploading audio/visual (A/V) content to it depends on the particular setup and guidelines of the system you are referring to. However, I can provide you with a general outline of steps commonly involved in uploading A/V content to digital media distribution systems:

  1. Accessing the System:

    • Log in to the DMCDS platform. The required login username and password is sent to your email by our representitives.
    • Chose the right account and ensure that you have the necessary permissions or access rights to upload content.
  2. Preparing Your A/V Content:

    • Format your A/V files according to the system's requirements. This could include specific file formats (like MP4, MP3, etc.), resolutions, bitrates, or other technical specifications.
    • Edit and finalize your A/V content, ensuring it meets any content guidelines or quality standards set by the platform.
  3. Uploading the Content:

    • Navigate to the resouses section of the DMCDS.
    • Select the files you wish to upload. This might involve browsing your computer's directories or dragging and dropping files into a designated area.
    • Fill in any required metadata or information about your A/V content, such as title, description, tags, categories, etc.
  4. Publishing or Scheduling:

    • After uploading, you may have the option to publish your content immediately or schedule it for a later date.
    • Set any necessary privacy settings or distribution controls, depending on who you want to have access to your content.
  5. Compliance and Legal Checks:

    • Ensure your content complies with the legal requirements and copyright laws applicable in your region (since you're in Australia, you would adhere to Australian laws).
    • The system might have an automatic compliance check or a review process before your content goes live.
  6. Monitoring and Management:

    • Once your content is uploaded, monitor its performance and engagement.
    • Respond to any feedback or comments if the platform allows interaction.
  7. Technical Support:

    • If you encounter any issues or have questions, use the platform's help or support features.

If you are looking for specific instructions for a particular version of DMCDS, it would be best to consult the user manual or support resources provided with the system or contact the technical support team of the service directly for tailored guidance.

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